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Our Story

About us

There is no love more sincere
than the love of food.

“My love is pizza shaped. Won’t you have a slice? Its circular, so there’s enough to go around” Dora J. Arod


We are doing more than
you expect

This is certainly true for a lot of us. I have had a love affair with food from my early years as boy aged 7. I was fascinated with how food can bring so many people together who would otherwise not be. I would sit with my mother in our small kitchen and watch her prepare scrumptious dish after dish. And for me the fascination was not only the food, but the technique she used. Sometimes she would start preparing days beforehand. And when the final product is delivered, you would not think that this meal took days to prepare and cook.

My fascination with cooking techniques over the years has led me on a journey of food discovery and many, many happy moments shared with friends and family alike over a plate of deliciously mouth-watering goodness that had many wanting more.

The process of making pizza is no different. A good quality pizza is born from good, well developed, and harnessed techniques that distinctly preserves the quality and taste of the ingredients beforehand. This is in essence why the pizzaria came to being. Our goal is preparing and cook food that will allow you to share different emotions with your family and friends while using classic techniques that deliver a superior dining experience.

We are located in the city center

We are situated at no 30 Agnew Road, Carletonville


Fresh ingredients from organic farms

Our ingredients freshly sauced and locally prepared to ensure the highest quality.


Our lights are always on

There’s no denying that we are faced with record loadshedding right now. It is for this reason that we use a wood fire oven to ensure that you can enjoy your favourite pizza even when the power is out.


The highest standards of service

Dining out whether in the comfort of your own home or at the restaurant should be an experience. At the pizzaria we aim to give good quality service whether you are dining with us or in the comfort of your own home.

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Restaurant is like a theater.
Our task is to amaze you!

Like a theatre, we follow and subscribe to an open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared right before you very own eyes while taking in all the scents and smell that come with it.

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